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Classical Music Band
Our Band Biography

Every member of the band has nothing in common except for music. It was the one entity that united us together. We realized that music was not just another thing in our lives. So we decided to peruse music as a carrier and Contra Band Music was started

No.1 Classical Band In the City


Our dedication and passion for music have made our band one of the most successful bands in the city.


We organize and perform at various concerts. The date and venue will be updated on our site.


Organizing a party? We are here to elevate the spirits of celebration through our music.


Check out and download our latest albums in our site.

Our Weekend Classes

We organize weekend music classes. People who are interested can register on our site to take part in the classes.

Tracing back the origins of classical music

Tracing back the origins of classical music

When we looked out for the roots of classical music, research and studies say that it goes way back, to the 11th century! Interesting fact for any classical music lover or classical musician! But what exactly happened back then that lead to the establishment of what in future would be known as the foundation of music? Well, let’s take you through this musical journey!

Although classical music was at its primitive stages at the beginning of the 11th century, this little flame got the wind it required in the centuries to come. The most prominent institutions of learning turned out to be the churches, where song and music was an essential aspect of devotion and reverence to the Almighty. Single ‘monodonic’ lines steadily developed into ‘organum,’ which meant the flow of two or three lines, in sync yet independently were developed in the time spanning up to the 13th century.

The 14th century witnessed further developments, like harmony, polyphony and so on. This phase also brought the people who created music into focus, little did they now that they would be known as ‘composers’ in the modern world. Noted composers of the 15th century were the likes of Dunstable and Duffay.


The 16th century was the sparkling period for classical music as this was the time when this music and the associated musicians thrived and flourished. They had an identity which not only the people around them but also the world around them could relate to. These musicians started off and had an increasing fan base in no time. This was the period when music, songs, and dance finally culminated into a beautiful, kaleidoscopic amalgamation that created magic. Never was the human population enthralled in such a manner as music managed to captivate them in this time span. And this was the turning point for not only music but the entire art fraternity, those whose passion was to create works of art that moved people!

The 16th century marks the onset of classical music – people ultimately acknowledged and accepted music to be a part of the entertainment, as a part of social celebrations on a broader scale. This phase also gave music required definition – key terms, notes, formations, collaborations, compositions – everything of music got a name, a structure which would make music relatable to the centuries and generations to come!

Since then, there has and will never been a stop for the melody of classical music!

An extravaganza of passionate European musical styles

We thoroughly enjoyed Friday night, I have had nothing but positive feedback and happy comments. One lady said it was like sitting outside a French cafe in the sunshine, you must have made a good impression to achieve that effect in winter in a village hall!  . . . . . . . Thanks to you we are now regarded as a hall worth coming to, have had several enquiries about our next event.   Louise, Santon Bridge Village Hall,  February 2015

The gig was a stormer, you got our first ever standing ovation! James Smith, Events organiser, Newcastle Lit & Phil, January 2015

Delightful mix of Balkan, Gypsy and Jazz repertoire, will entertain any audience” Tim Kliphuis, November 2014

“A veritable smorgasbord of European Jazz, Classical and Gypsy Music . . . ” Cumberland Herald, October 2014

“Absolutely Fabulous! I smiled from start to finish, still smiling now . . . ” Skirwith Village Hall October 2014

“I knew you were going to be really good as soon as you walked on stage. . . . not only were you fantastic musicians, you were also brilliant entertainers . . .” Granary Theatre, October 2014

“The performance had everything, entertainment, laughter, warmth, insight into musical history and above all highly skilled musicianship and beautiful atmospheric music. A brilliant tour of Europe in sound!” Bruce Knight, Artistic Director, Spilsby Theatre, July 2014



TRIO GITAN proudly present an extravaganza of passionate European musical styles, based on a fantastical voyage on the legendary Orient Express Journey which steamed across Europe from Paris to Istanbul.

This exciting show is packed full of the charm, romance and wonder of a grand tour of Europe on board the famed Orient Express. TRIO GITAN will take you on a breathtaking musical adventure, visiting some of the most romantic European capitals before returning to the final destination of Paris.

Playing with passion, poise and virtuosity, TRIO GITAN push the boundaries of acoustic music to the limits in this spellbinding show. Their fresh interpretations of classic music and song form an enchanting display of sensitivity and skill.  Individually they are all masterful musicians; together they are simply spectacular.